Rules of a limerick

rules of a limerick

A limerick is often a funny poem with a strong beat. Limericks are very light hearted poems and can sometimes be utter nonsense. They are great for kids to both. THE STRUCTURE OF A LIMERICK. Limericks are short poems of five lines having rhyme structure AABBA. It is officially described as a form of 'anapestic. How to Write a Limerick. A limerick is a short, comical, and almost musical poem that often borders on the nonsensical or obscene. It was popularized in English. Hickory Dickory Dock is an example:. Literary Terms for 12th Grade: But when I get gratis poker game the last line I try to fit in as many words as I. And for the Big Apple, through the combination of cork, pork and fork, you could imagine a limerick about a fancy dinner with lots of meat and wine. Because you'll find it's:


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